Shingrix Vaccine for Seniors age 65-70

The Ministry of Health has newly announced that it will be funding the 2- dose shingles vaccine (SHINGRIX), starting late 2020 for those currently age 65 years old to 70 years old (and age 71 year olds can also receive if prior to Dec 2021).

Please contact our office if you would like to have this vaccine.

If you are outside of this age category, and would like to proceed with getting SHINGRIX though private pay, please call our office to book an appointment with our nurse. The cost is 300$.

Patients who have received Zostavax (the older Shingles vaccine, one dose only) covered thru the Ministry of Health are NOT eligible for Shingrix through the Minstry of Health, but may choose to pay for Shingrix.

Patients who have already received Shingrix 2-dose series do not need to have it again.

If you have questions, please contact your doctor.