Tips & FAQs

To Help Your Visit Go Smoothly:

  • Bring your Health Card every time- check the expiry date and renew if needed.
  • Inform the receptionist of any changes in your contact information, including cell phone and email.
  • Bring a list of your concerns and requests. Your doctor may be only able to address a couple issues in detail, so be prepared to book another appointment if needed.
  • Bring all medications with you to review with your physician. Review your prescription medication for refill needs.
  • Please note we are a fragrance-free office. Only Service animals are allowed in our medical building.

Don’t Forget Your Health Card!
Please present your Health Card at every visit. It is important to ensure that your Health Card is valid by checking the expiry date. For more information, please visit ServiceOntario.  **INVALID HEALTH CARDS WILL BE CHARGED $70.00 DEPOSIT PER VISIT UNTIL A NEW HEALTH CARD IS ISSUED. THE DEPOSIT WILL THEN BE REFUNDED AFTER PROOF OF RENEWAL AND VALIDITY FOR DATE OF SERVICE.**

There are some services that may not be covered by your Health Card/OHIP. For more details, view our Uninsured Services information page.

You will need to replace your RED AND WHITE HEALTH CARD with a photo health card if:

  • you have received a notice in the mail from Service Ontario
  • a health provider told you that there is something wrong with your card
  • it is lost, stolen, or damaged, or
  • your name has changed

To obtain a photo health card, visit a Service Ontario location with the appropriate documents.

You can book an appointment to convert your health card at any Service Ontario locations.

Does TMC offer Lab Services?
Lab services are not provided onsite. If required, your physician can direct you to various facilities in our local area. If your doctor has asked you to do a blood test, we encourage you to seek out a LifeLabs location. For a patient service centre near you, hours of operation, and appointment bookings, please visit You can also book an appointment with LifeLabs online.

Prescription Renewals
You will be prescribed enough medications during your visit to last until your next reassessment of your medications and condition. Before your medications run out completely, please make an appointment with your doctor to renew your prescription and to update your physician on your condition. Whenever you are in to see your physician or speaking to your doctor over a phone appointment, you can also check that you have enough refills of your regular prescription medications.
If necessary, you may ask your pharmacist to fax your doctor a refill request of your medication. You may have refills that are not listed on your bottle. Please allow 5 business days’ response time for renewals by fax. For some regular medications, your pharmacist may be able to advance you some doses if you are running out very soon (fees may apply). If you need to request an urgent, same day refill, you will be charged a 30$ fee.
Please note, we do not refill prescriptions for antibiotics by fax- please make an appointment with your physician for consultation if you feel you need an antibiotic.
Test Results
Your physician will advise you of when you should expect to receive your test results. Most regular blood results take 1 week to be received at our office, with time for the doctor to review them. If there is an urgent concern regarding your results, our office will contact you to book a follow up appointment or you will be given instructions on how to follow up. If you wish to review your results, please book an appointment with your doctor.
Personal Information
Please help us to keep our records up-to-date by informing us of any change in your contact information, including email address. This will help us to contact you efficiently, in the case of abnormal test results, referral appointments and other reminders. Feel free to update us anytime by calling our office or sending us a secure email
For further details about your personal information and medical records, please review our Privacy Policy.