Vaccine Information for Adults

Listed below are several vaccinations that adults can get to help build immunity to various illnesses.

Age 6 months+:

Flu Shots
Recommended yearly in the fall/winter to protect against influenza. Influenza can be a more severe illness in those who are under 5 years old, over 65 years old, or with underlying medical conditions. If you are over age 65 please get the Seniors’ High Dose flu shot or Adjuvanted Flu Shot for Seniors, if available. This is an OHIP covered vaccine for Ontario residents. You can have this with your next appointment, at our Flu Shot Clinics or at your local pharmacy/public health unit.

COVID vaccine booster
Recommended 6 months after the last COVID vaccine or 6 months after the last known COVID infection. Check this link for current recommendations. This is an OHIP covered vaccine for Ontario residents. You can have this at your pharmacy or public health clinics.

MMR vaccine for Measles immunity

For those born 1970 and later, 2 doses of vaccine are effective for measles immunity. For those born prior to 1970 with known measles infection in childhood, no need for a booster vaccine. Those born after 1995 in Canada likely had 2 vaccines in childhood, if immunizations were completed as scheduled. See link above for more details. MMR vaccine cannot be given to those pregnant or trying to get pregnant, nor those with immune compromised conditions. It is an OHIP covered vaccine.

Age 14-16+
Tetanus/with pertussis vaccine
Recommended every 10 years to protect against tetanus infection. It is also recommended in the third trimester of pregnancy. Tetanus is caused by a bacteria found in the soil, and it can cause muscle cramping, paralysis and convulsions. Pertussis (whooping cough) is a respiratory infection that can be severe in infants. This is an OHIP covered vaccine for Ontario residents. Common side effects include: injection site pain, swelling/redness of the arm, mild fever, headache, fatigue, and nausea. You can have this with your next appointment.

Age 50+
Shingrix vaccine
Recommended for anyone age 50 and older to help protect against future Shingles, (or younger if immune compromised). Shingles is a condition that can be very painful for weeks to months, and can also set off inflammation in the body. It is OHIP covered, for those aged 65-70 years old. If you had shingles in the last year, you should wait till 1 year later. The cost is 185$ per dose, and requires 2 doses, 2-3 months apart. The side effects include: pain in arm, fever, chills, body aches, headache, fatigue, possibly for 1-2 days.

Age 60+
Arexvy RSV vaccine
New for 2023. It provides good protection against Respiratory Syncytial Virus, a viral infection which can cause flu like illness, pneumonia and trigger inflammation in the body. Some older adults will require hospitalization for this illness. RSV season coincides with the flu season- ie Fall and Winter. The cost is 290$ for 2 years of protection. Common side effects include: injection site pain, headache, runny nose, body aches, fatigue, fever and chills. **You may want to hold off having other vaccines after getting the RSV vaccine for 2 weeks to monitor for side effects, since it is a new vaccine.

Age 65+
Prevnar 20 vaccine
It can be given over the age of 19 years for those with certain underlying medical conditions or immune suppression. This is a vaccine that is given once, and protects against various strains of bacteria that cause pneumonia, blood infection and meningitis. It protects against pneumonia which can lead to hospitalization, and prolonged recovery. In addition, antibiotic resistance is now more prevalent. The cost is 150$. Common side effects are: injection site pain and swelling/redness of the arm. If you had a previous Prevnar 13 vaccine, you can have this vaccine 1 year later. If you had a previous combination of Prevnar 13 and Pneumovax, you can have Prevnar 20- 5 years after the last dose.

Pneumovax 23 vaccine

Pneumovax 23 is a vaccine for people aged 65 and over. It also offers protection for 23 strains of bacteria that cause blood infection. It is covered by the Ministry of Health. It is a one time vaccine. Protection may not be as long lasting and effective as Prevnar 20, and does not reduce respiratory infections. There is no need to have this vaccine if Prevnar 20 was given in the past. Prevnar 20 must be given at least 1 year after Pneumovax if so.

*We stock these vaccines at our office, except for the COVID vaccine. You can request these vaccines at your next appointment with your doctor, or call to book an appointment with our nurse. Fees are subject to change.