COVID Resources and Links

COVID Booster Dose Eligibility Checker

COVID Antiviral Treatment Screener

Confused About COVID in Ontario? Common Questions and Answers from Family Doctors about Diagnosis, When to get tested, When to self-isolate and for how long

Do you need support looking after a loved one with dementia? Please email the Alzeimer’s Society York Region to be in touch with a social worker.

What is Social/Physical distancing?

When do I self-monitor, when do I self-isolate, when do I isolate from my own household?

What does self-monitoring mean?

What does self-isolation/quarantine mean?

What do caregivers/household members do when someone is in self-isolation?

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Anxiety and Stress Resources

It is common to feel anxious and stressed during this time. Embracing the positives of this time at home, getting some daylight and outdoor time, physical activity and connection with others remotely, regular sleep and good nutrition are all ways to manage better. Here are some other resources that may be helpful: