How do I Make an Appointment?

1. Call our office at 905-889-3634 during regular office hours to book an appointment. Please call 1-2 days prior to your requested appointment time. If you call too far in advance, the receptionist will ask you to call back again, closer to your desired appointment time.

TMC is not a walk-in clinic, however, we encourage you to call our office first, before deciding to go to a walk-in clinic. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and timely care for our patients.

2. On-line booking for phone and in-person appointments are now available for our existing patients. Some appointments online are available for advance booking. Choose your doctor for online booking link. 

If you are trying to book an online appointment for today or tomorrow and do not see any e-bookings available, call our office to inquire about further availability.

Why Advanced Access Appointment Booking? – Doing Today’s Work Today!
We are now using ADVANCED ACCESS appointment scheduling. Call on any given day and have an appointment within the next 2 business days. The idea is to do today’s work today. That means dealing with your concerns as they arise and preventing long wait times to see your family doctor. Most appointments are made available no more than 2 business days before the time requested. We are continuing to pre-book appointments (booking further in advance) for preventive health visits (i.e. physicals), well baby visits, pre-natal visits, procedures and counseling.
Advanced Access Means:
  • Less wait time to schedule a visit with your health care provider
  • Better continuity of care with your own physician
  • An appointment with the doctor usually within 2 business days. This may depend on your doctor’s schedule in the office. 

Please note: we appreciate notification if you are unable to keep an appointment so that the time slot may be offered to someone else.

We ask for your patience and understanding as we strive to provide you with timely medical care.

What if my Doctor is Away?
Click here to find out your doctor’s regular schedule and availability. If they are away, you will be given an appointment for the next available day once your own physician returns. If you are sick and need to be seen more urgently, a nurse will assess your needs and we may place you with another team member.

What About my Annual Physical (in person)? 
Ask your doctor how often you require a “preventive health visit”. At this type of visit, your doctor would like to review with you particular preventive recommendations, including any evidence-based screening examinations and tests. The frequency of these visits may vary depending on your age, gender and/or medical condition. To avoid disappointment, please call or e-book 3-4 months ahead to book your annual health check up (“physical”) with your physician.