Construction on Yonge Near the Clinic

Given ongoing construction causing delays in the area, please allocate more time to commute to the clinic to prevent being late for your appointment. Thank you!

Immunizations for Measles

Measles is a very contagious viral illness, but ensuring you are up to date with your immunizations can help protect you and prevent the spread of this virus.

You can learn more about measles here, as well as learn whether you would benefit from getting another measles vaccine.

In order to ensure you are up to date on all the immunizations as per current Ontario guidelines, please contact the public health unit where you went to elementary school and high school to request the most accurate summary of all the immunizations you received during your school years.

You may also have a yellow immunization card and/or other documentation slips. You may also send those as well so that we can consolidate everything for you. The most accurate documentation of school-aged immunizations though would be from public health units.

Once received, please email a copy to us. We will review and make recommendations for any further immunizations required, if applicable.

Durham Region Public Health – 1-800-841-2729
Toronto Public Health – 416-392-1250 or 416-396-4228
York Region Public Health – 1-877-464-9675 ext 73542

For York Region Public Health

For information about Catch Up Clinics – for missing school vaccines

For Toronto Public Health:

Email Spam Alert

We have been made aware that some of our patients have been receiving unsolicited fraudulent emails that are not from our office. The email sender name is listed as “Thornhill Medical Centre” but the email address is not from our office email ( or from Ocean ( The body of the email may contain a link to an unknown website; please do not click on the link!

We do greatly appreciate that some of you have alerted us about these emails. We encourage you to restrict your use of our general office email. We are continuing to use secure electronic messaging through Ocean, so please use this link to send non-urgent secure messages to our staff and physicians.

Masking Policy In Office

In consideration of elderly, immunocompromised, and other high-risk individuals, it is still mandatory for all patients and visitors with infectious symptoms (ie. fever, runny nose, coughing, etc) to continue to use masks while they are in the office. For all other patients, masking is now recommended but optional. You may still ask for a mask at the front desk if you prefer.

Pomelo Access Now Closed

Thank you for your patience as we changed our electronic platform to Ocean platform. 

Effective April 30, 2023, all access to Pomelo/Health Myself is closed. Please note your physician still has records of your previous blood work and imaging results saved in your patient chart.

Incoming Emails: See our Contact Us page for more details.  We encourage you to book appointments for any medical concerns. 

Emails from Thornhill Medical Centre

Our doctors and administrative staff are now sending emails with sender-“Thornhill Medical Centre” ( to relay forms or quick information. Within the body of the email you will notice reference to “Ocean” technology. This messaging system is user friendly and does not require difficult passwords. If you see an email from “Thornhill Medical Centre”, please view the contents as it may contain important information from our office.

COVID treatment Anti-Virals

Find out if you are eligible for antiviral treatment at a COVID clinical assessment Centre (new April 11, 2022). Patients need to present to the COVID Clinical Assessment Centres within 5 days of their symptoms if they are eligible for treatment.

COVID Treatment Ontario Screener

COVID Clinical Assessment Centres

Dr. Voudouris marks 30 Years at Thornhill Medical

Dr. Voudouris joined Thornhill Medical Centre in November 1990—at the time joining Drs. Peter Morse, Ed Pamenter and Brian Kirsh, and replacing Dr. Glen Mullen, who was departing.

Dr. Voudouris earned his Medical Degree at the University of Calgary, then did his residency training at North York General and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Before landing and settling at Thornhill Medical Centre, he spent 3 years providing medical care in small communities in Ontario, and the Northwest Territories (where he also took the night shift as DJ/host of the local radio!!).

Since 1990, Thornhill Medical has seen great change, with the retirement of the original physicians, and the addition of new ones as we have grown—we are now 9 physicians strong. Dr Voudouris has been a steady presence through each evolution of TMC.

Dr. Nick, as many patients fondly call him, has managed a busy medical practice, but has also been able to pursue his passion of world travel. Somehow, he also managed to complete the EMBA program at the Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario, graduating 2003 with distinction!  He has remained on active staff at Mackenzie Health (formerly York Central Hospital), and has held leadership roles on the Foundation and the Medical Staff. He is Past Chair of the Mackenzie Health Richmond Hill Foundation, and currently Physician Lead for Community Engagement and Chief of Surgical Assistants at Mackenzie Health Richmond Hill Hospital.  He has been involved in the planning and development of the new Vaughan site of Mackenzie Health.

Dr. Nick has the same energy and enthusiasm as he did when he arrived 30 years ago at TMC.

His patients, the staff, and his medical colleagues can attest to his unending curiosity, and drive to make things better. He has shown his dedication and commitment, and mentored many younger colleagues in the greater medical community.

Thank you Nick for 30 years!  You are truly part of the foundation of Thornhill Medical Centre.

We are proud of your accomplishments, and the work you have done and continue to do at Mackenzie Health.


Roy Blachowitz, Janet Morse, Stella Arbitman, Colleen Cheung, Robin Rosen, Garway Wong, Lydia Cheung, Michel Beausoleil

Shingrix Vaccine for Seniors age 65-70

The Ministry of Health has newly announced that it will be funding the 2- dose shingles vaccine (SHINGRIX), starting late 2020 for those currently age 65 years old to 70 years old (and age 71 year olds can also receive if prior to Dec 2021).

Please contact our office if you would like to have this vaccine.

If you are outside of this age category, and would like to proceed with getting SHINGRIX though private pay, please call our office to book an appointment with our nurse. The cost is 300$.

Patients who have received Zostavax (the older Shingles vaccine, one dose only) covered thru the Ministry of Health are NOT eligible for Shingrix through the Minstry of Health, but may choose to pay for Shingrix.

Patients who have already received Shingrix 2-dose series do not need to have it again.

If you have questions, please contact your doctor.

Consent for Telemedicine Appointments

If your doctor is able to offer you a telemedicine appointment for your concern, please be sure to read this consent prior to your consultation.

Consent for Telemedicine Visit