Flu Shots Winter 2020-2021

Flu Shot

We recommend you get your flu shot to get maximum protection for the upcoming flu season, for you and your entire family.

On average in Canada, the chance of developing Influenza in any given year is one in six. Although many consider influenza to be a minor illness, in fact in high risk individuals (those over 65 years of age, diabetics, patients with asthma, chronic lung disease, immune system suppression or cancer), it may be a life threatening problem. Flu vaccine is offered to all residents of Ontario.

More info about Ontario Flu shots

We have flu shot appointments currently available for the week of October 28, 2021 onward.

Please book your flu shot appointment online with Health Myself. We have regular flu shots and high dose flu shots for Seniors over age 65. 

Please call our reception to book your flu shot if you require additional attention (eg. needle phobia, infants/young children)

Here are some notes for the day of your flu shot clinic appointment, please read: ** Do not come if you have any new symptoms of possible COVID or have had recent exposure to COVID illness or are on quarantine.

1. Wear a mask. Wear clothing that allows easy access to your shoulder (short sleeved shirt, sleeveless shirt). 

2. Park in our parking lot and go directly to 24 Centre Building (new Red Brick building) at the time of the appointment. Do not call. Go up the ramp to the front entrance (facing Centre Street) and wait in line in a physically distanced way from other households. 

3. Knock on the front door when you get to the front of the line. Someone will ask you to enter when the room inside is clear. Your flu shot may be given by a nurse or a doctor other than your own. 

4. After the flu shot, you will be asked to leave through the back entrance, down the short flight of stairs, into the parking lot. If it is your first flu shot, you are asked to wait in your car for an additional 10 minutes before leaving the parking lot. 

Please note that these clinics are for FLU SHOTS ONLY. No other medical concerns will be addressed and no other injections will be given at that time.

We ask for your patience this year due to COVID distancing precautions. It may take more time to get your flu shot, and you may receive it later in the season, but still in advance of the peak flu season.

Let us know by email or Health Myself Message if you receive your flu shot elsewhere, so we can keep track. 

This season, in particular, please defer getting the flu shot if you have any fever or respiratory symptoms, even if mild. Stay home and self-isolate till your symptoms improve and resolve. Get a COVID test.