Uninsured Services

Uninsured Services
There are various services we provide which are not covered by OHIP. Payment is due at the time the service is completed. For your convenience, we accept Cash, Cheque, Debit and Visa. The fee will depend on what service is provided and the amount of time necessary to complete it. Some of the more common services and fees can be found on this page. We follow the Ontario Medical Association Schedule of Fees in setting our rates. Fees listed here may be subject to change. Please feel free to discuss these with your doctor if you have any concerns about your ability to pay.
Transfer of Your Medical Record to Another Facility or Physician:
$40 per individual, $80 per family. A larger fee may be required depending on the record.


  • Back to work note, Sick note, Day care note (free of communicable disease): $20
  • School or camp form completion: $25 (plus examination fee)
  • Immunization record updates and completion of forms for work/school: $30-50
  • Medical Letters requested for Insurance Coverage of Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Chiropracter, Orthotics, Orthopedic Shoes, Compression Stockings: $20
  • Other Medical Letters: $20+
  • Pap smears not covered by OHIP: $20 plus lab fee
  • Ministry of Transport Driver’s Medical: $180 total (includes form and examination)
  • Travel Trip Cancellation Form: $35
  • Disability Certificate (form OCF 3/59): $130
  • Other Disability Forms $35-45
  • Revenue Canada Federal Disability Tax Credit: $45
  • Retirement Home Entrance Forms: $45
  • Other Medical Forms $20-50

Cosmetic Procedures of the Skin:

  • Liquid nitrogen $25
  • Removal of benign moles, benign lumps and bumps $80-120, or hourly rate, as determined by physician

Nursing Services:
Wound dressing supplies $5-10

Health Advice / Immunization for Purpose of Travel:
$35 plus cost of immunizations
More info about Travel Vaccines and Travel Advice

Uninsured Vaccinations:

  • Havrix (Hepatitis A only): $70/dose Adults, $50/dose Children and Teens; 2 doses required
  • Recombivax (Hepatitis B only): $50/dose Adults; 3 doses required
  • Twinrix (Hepatitis A and B): $75/dose Adults, $50/dose Children and Teens; 3 doses required
  • Gardasil-9 (HPV vaccine): $210/dose, 3 doses required
  • Menveo (Meningitis Vaccine): $110/dose, 1 dose required
  • Shingrix (Shingles vaccine): $170/dose, 2 doses required (for those age 65-70 MOH provides this free, effective Nov 2019, some conditions apply)
  • Prevnar 13 for adults: $140/dose, 1 dose required
  • Administration of any vaccine that is NOT supplied by Public Health or our office: $10 (eg. Varivax, Typhim, any vaccine bought at pharmacy and brought in to our nurse to administer)

Children’s Immunizations and Schedules