2023-2024 Flu Shots, Prevnar 20, Shingles, Arexvy RSV vaccines Now Available!

We have Regular Flu Shots. We no longer have Seniors Flu Shots- you can seek these at your local pharmacy or public health unit, but a regular flu shot is better than none.

Call our office during regular office hours at 905-889-3634.

If you receive your flu shot elsewhere, please let us know. You can call us or send us a secure message using this link.

Please note: We are NOT giving COVID vaccines at our office. You can get the COVID vaccine at your local pharmacy or public Health Clinic.

For information regarding other vaccines you can get to help booster your immunity, please feel free to visit our Vaccine Information for Adults (including RSV and Prevnar 20) page. You can also ask your doctor about these at your next appointment.