You can still get your flu shot! 2018-2019

Our flu shot clinics are now over. 

For those who still wish to have the flu shot, you can do so at your next appointment with your doctor, or you can call to book an appointment with our nurses if you are not planning to see the doctor soon. Pharmacies are also carrying the regular flu shot.

We have now received High Dose Flu Shot for Seniors. Please call to book an appointment with the nurse to have this if you are interested.

If you receive your flu shot elsewhere, please let us know so we can update our records (calling us or sending us a message through Health Myself Portal would be great!).

We also do have the Flumist Nasal Spray for those aged 2-59 years old.



Consider walking, public transit, taxi service or parking in the nearby public park north of our office (along Old Yonge Street).

There will be a designated nurse for flu shot clinic, so your time spent in the office will be short. The clinic is ONLY for your flu shot. The nurse at the flu shot clinics will not be able to give you other vaccines or injections. If you have non-flu shot related questions or need to see your doctor, please schedule a regular appointment.

The above clinics are for registered patients of Thornhill Village Family Health Organization only. Unfortunately, we are only allotted vaccine in amounts to serve the population we see. Family members not registered with us should receive their shots from their own Family Physician, or from a Public Health clinic location in the area. Flu shots are offered free from the Ministry of Health in many different locations.

Should you receive a flu shot elsewhere, please call our office or send us an email thru the Health Myself Portal stating that you had the flu shot so that we can make a note in your chart.


More info on the flu shot:

The physicians at Thornhill Village Family Health Organization have always taken great pride in offering our patients the fullest range of preventative care services. And now that the fall season is upon us, we’re writing to remind you of an extremely important aspect of illness prevention: vaccination against Influenza. On average in Canada, the chance of developing Influenza in any given year is one in six. Although many consider influenza to be a minor illness, in fact in high risk individuals (those over 65 years of age, diabetics, patients with asthma, chronic lung disease, immune system suppression or cancer), it may be a life threatening problem. Luckily, we can drastically reduce the impact yearly Influenza outbreaks and possibly a flu pandemic may have on ourselves and our community through yearly vaccination. Flu vaccine is offered to all residents of Ontario, but is highly recommended for those <5 years old, pregnant women, those aged 65 and over, and those with chronic medical conditions.

Let’s explore some of the myths and realities of the flu vaccine.

MYTH: “Sometimes, when I take a flu shot it gives me the flu.”
REALITY: A few years ago, before Influenza vaccine was switched from a live virus to a killed virus, it was possible to get a mild flu-like illness after receiving it. This is much less likely with our current vaccine. In fact, in placebo-controlled trials, those who received the flu vaccine had fewer side-effects than those who received an injection of sterile saline. Side-effects are almost all local, at the site of injection, from the needle itself.

MYTH: “Last year, I had a flu shot and was sick all winter.”
REALITY: Until H1N1 hit , there was a hiatus of major influenzal activity in our community. Other respiratory illnesses were quite common, though, and are frequently called “the flu” by mistake. Influenza vaccine does not protect against, or make more likely, the common cold or other viral illnesses. Hand washing does. Do this regularly or use an alcohol based hand sanitizer when you can’t wash, stay greater than four feet away from people who are ill, and your winter will be a better one!

MYTH: “It’s better to get the illness naturally to boost my immunity, than be vaccinated.”
REALITY: This is not true. Immunity is available from both, but getting the flu naturally may be a significant risk to your health. It may lead to pneumonia, secondary infections, and in a few cases, death.

MYTH: “There are chemicals in vaccinations that are harmful or may make me allergic.”
REALITY: Preservatives in vaccinations have never been shown to be harmful to humans, even after hundreds of millions of doses have been used. The only contraindication to vaccination is a true allergic reaction to eggs (exceptionally rare).


We are looking forward to seeing you this fall for your flu shot! If you have more detailed questions, please discuss these with our nurse or your doctor.