Flu Shots Winter 2016-2017

Flu Shot

We recommend you get your flu shot to get maximum protection for the upcoming flu season, for you and your entire family.

On average in Canada, the chance of developing Influenza in any given year is one in six. Although many consider influenza to be a minor illness, in fact in high risk individuals (those over 65 years of age, diabetics, patients with asthma, chronic lung disease, immune system suppression or cancer), it may be a life threatening problem. Flu vaccine is offered to all residents of Ontario.

More info about Ontario Flu shots
Please book an appointment with our nurse for the flu shot. 


If you have non-flu shot related questions or need to see your doctor, please schedule a regular appointment. Unfortunately, we are only allotted vaccine in amounts to serve the patients we see. Family members not registered with us should receive their shots from their own Family Physician, or from a Public Health clinic location in the area. Flu shots are offered free from the Ministry of Health in many different locations.

Should you receive a flu shot elsewhere, please call my office or send me an email stating that you had the shot so that we can make a note in your chart.

Flumist nasal spray is now available for children/youth. Those with Egg Allergy are now allowed to have Flumist. Flumist nasal spray is now considered equivalent to flu injection in terms of effectiveness. (Last year, Flumist was recommended over the injection for healthy children age 2-6 years old).

If you would like the Flumist nasal spray for your child/youth, please call our office to book an appointment.