Grief and Loss During COVID:

Loss During COVID: a 6 week virtual support group for Adults who have lost a loved one in the past year. As part of this virtual group, you will have the opportunity to share your grief story in a supportive environment as well as discuss and learn new coping strategies. This is a closed group and participants are expected to attend all sessions. Ontario residents only.

Free, Starting Sep 30-Nov 4, 2021 12-130pm via Zoom. Register Here.

A support group for adults who are expecting the death of a loved one: This 6 week virtual group provides participants with psychoeducation, counselling and peer support. Each Session is 1.5 hour.

Week 1: Understanding Anticipatory Grief, Week 2: Self care and coping better, Week 3: Self care and coping better II, Week 4: Meeting our Grief with self-compassion, Week 5: Creating purposeful Grief, Week 6: Using Grief to expand and Connect

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