High Dose Flu Shot for Seniors

FluzoneHD is a new flu shot available for seniors over age 65 years old. It boosts their immunity to influenza better than the regular flu shot, by up to 24%.

Seniors are more at risk of the complications of influenza due to their weakened immune systems, and they also may have other medical conditions that make them more vulnerable. Their immune systems often do not mount as strong a protective response to the regular flu shot, as a younger person’s would.

FluzoneHD is NOT supplied by Public Health, and must be purchased by the patient. The cost is approximately 80-100$. Our office is not currently stocking this vaccine.

If you wish to receive FluzoneHD instead of the regular flu shot, and you are 65 years old or over, please check the following website for a clinic near you, and book an appointment with them.