COVID-19 Vaccine

All the physicians at Thornhill Medical Centre recommend the COVID-19 vaccine for all eligible patients (see below for more information). We eagerly await distribution of the new COVID vaccines. At this time, we do NOT have the vaccine and we have no information on how or when the COVID-9 vaccine will be distributed to our patients in the community. We will update our website once we have more information. Due to the high volume of calls, please do not call to inquire about this.

We are currently in Phase 1 of the Ontario Ministry of Health COVID vaccination strategy.  Phase 1 addresses those at higest risk for more severe COVID-19 illness, and their close contacts. Those living and working in congregate living settings for seniors including their essential caregivers, are now being vaccinated, in addition to health care workers, hospital employees, and indigenous communities. 

As more vaccine doses become available, the rollout will expand to Phase 2. This will include other congregate care settings (eg. shelters)  and people in the community over age 70 years old. 

Phase 3 will offer immunizations to the general population.

The current available vaccines (Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna) are approved for those over aged 16-18 years, and who have no known allergy to their vaccine components. There are some medical conditions like pregnancy/breastfeeding, immune compromised states or immune suppressive medications and allergies, that may require more discussion with your doctor. Review more information here about who can get the vaccine and special precautions. 

If you have specific questions about whether you can receive the vaccine when available, please inquire with your family doctor or specialist directly. 

Due to high volume of calls, please do not call our office for information about where and when to access COVID vaccine as we do not have any additional details at this time.  We will update our Health Myself Portal and our website here as more information becomes available.